Non-Riding Activities

If you are an active person and would like to take advantage of your travel to Spain we have a non-riding activities programme that will make you spend your free time in the best way. We have also a huge range of activities for our non-riding guests. 


Horse related activities

There is a lot of non-horse riding activities that you can do with our horses. We can show you how to start groundwork or how to do stretching /relaxation exercises with a horse. Or you can just spend your time contemplating these beautiful animals and other farm animals that live here on our farm.

Hiking and mountain biking

Fabulous and breathtaking hiking routes in Sierra Calderona Natural Park with spectacular views of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. It's also a perfect place to do cicling and mountain biking.

Beach activities

Swimming and sunbathing on the beach which is about 20 minutes by car from our farm. If you are a water sports lover there is a great range of nautical services on offer. We organise afternoons trips to the beach for those who have no private transport.

Organized tours

We would be delighted to show you much more beautiful places then you can see from our horses back. In order to do that we organise half day trips to make you discover amazing landscapes and inspiring places.

Valencia Sightseeing

If you are thinking about learning more about Spanish culture and daily life you will enjoy the beautiful city of Valencia and its attractions.